In just a few weeks we’re out on the road again. Hope to see you out there!


Only a few days left to South America. 6 gigs coming up.


Scandinavian tour is running along nicely. Gothenburg and Oslo was great gigs. Now we're looking forward to play the two shows in Finland now. 



Having a nice time touring in this hot summer weather. Hellfest was an amazing experience, great gig and really nice watching a lot of bands.
Also experienced the hotest gig ever in Toulouse. Man we were completely wet after the gig, but damn it was fun.
Now it's only 3 gigs left!


Next week we're out on the road again. I hope to see you out there. It's gonna be a lot of fun! And of course Johan Hallgren is back on guitar!


A late update but hopefully I'll be better now:) 
It's been a few hectic months touring around the world with Pain of Salvation. A North America tour in february starting with the Cruise To The Edge, and then almost three weeks traveling around USA and Canada.

Then we toured all of over Europe during March and April. It's been a real pleasure playing for all of our fans, thanks to everyone who came and supported us. It means a lot!

Now we have started rehearsals for upcoming gigs in June in both France and The Netherlands. Stay tuned!


Very soon....


Just got back from Russia after two gigs with Pain of Salvation in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Excellent crowd and really fun gigs! Thanks a lot to everyone who came out and supported us. In a couple weeks we're coming to Netherlands, keep an eye out!


Check out me and my good friend Rille and our own soft version of Message In A Bottle. Enjoy!


Back after an awesome show at Night of the Prog in Loreley, Germany. Amazing venue and lovely crowd. Thank you all who came and gave us support.
A night to remember for sure! 

Pain of Salvation July 19th 2015. Loreley, Germany.
Pain of Salvation July 19th 2015. Loreley, Germany.

It's been a hectic spring with a lot of touring. Joined one of Swedens most touring band, Rydell & Quick in february. A rock show that blows you away! :)
Besides that we did a tour with Pain of Salvation in the beginning of June in Brazil. Great gig s with great crowd! Thank you everyone who came and supported us!
Now the summer has started in Sweden and it's time for a summer tour :)

Pain of Salvation in Brazil, june 2015.

Don't miss our new album release with Pain of Salvation. The album is called Falling Home and it's an acoustic album with some very different versions of the Pain of Salvation catalogue. Enjoy!

Pain Of Salvation - Falling Home

Time flies! A lot of gigs has passed since last time. We did a wonderful North America tour with Pain of Salvation through September followed by two gigs at Prog Power Europe. It was a blast playing the entire Remedy Lane album both in Atlanta and in Netherlands
Hectic times at home now with a lot of different gigs with various bands and singers. Maybe a vacation would be needed. Anyone recommend any warm places? :)


It's been a while since I've updated here. The Spring has been amazing, we hade the gig at the Progressive Nation at Sea in Bahamas in february. A boat filled with different Progressive bands. We had a two gigs that was spectacular! Daniel wasn't with us then but we kicked ass anyway. Thanks to all who made it happen!
A part from that there's been a lot of covergigs for me, but next week I'm heading for Barcelona and the Be Prog My Friend Festival with Pain of Salvation. If you're on vacation in Spain, come and enjoy us!



It's time for a new year now. I've had a great year with a lot of different gigs and met a lot of great people. Thanks everyone who made everything possible! Stay tuned for more gigs next year. Happy New Year everyone!


Heads up for the Progressive Nation cruise in february next year! A big boat filled with some of the biggest bands in progressive music. We're playing two nights with Pain of Salvation. It takes of from Miami and going around Bahamas. It's an offer you can't refuse!



The summer has been hectic. A lot of gigs all summer long both as a musician and sound and light engineer. Now I'm getting ready for the fall and more gigs. But first a little vacation. New York in 10 days!!


Back home from the US. It was amazing to be there and play on the east coast! The whole trip contained everything from a broken bus to a driver that just disappeared but we had so much fun. It's one of the most memorable trips I've been on. Can't wait to get back there! Now we take it cool for a little while with Pain of Salvation and hoping to do more gigs in the fall.  This summer I'm playing with my friend Rille across Sweden. See ya!




North America tour confirmed!

In may we're heading over to USA and Canada for a two week tour. Really looking forward to cross the atlantic and rock it PoS style!

Check out the tour section for dates and of course,




This spring there's gona be an acoustic tour around Europe with Pain of Salvation.

So be sure to check it out at Don't miss it!


 New year and new assignments. After a quite low season during the fall musicwise , I'm hungry for playing live. So now I'm playing with my dear childhood friend Rille. It's gonna be some touring around Sweden this year. Time to be in a coverband again:) Right now we're in Östersund in Sweden. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows with Pain of Salvation as well. This spring is gona be awesome!